Chrysalis by Fallen Engel 2017

Day moon brightens over my pale paradise. Lumbering Gothic spires engulf the long-standing withered roses. In my sanctuary my unbalanced sorrow displays an ugly, vulgar site where I convulse like a quaking Aspen leaf. Darkness consumes my body and loosens the tourniquet of sapphire around my penumbra of a heart. Fallen pieces of my frayed gown turn Cimmerian shades on the expiring ground.  All my scars begin to bleed under the martyr skies as heavy, bitter tears fall from my failing eyes. Tarnish seeds of horror fill my dreams of my chrysalis dark devotion. All I ever wanted was someone to everlast with instead of faded memories as I retreat to hell. I used to wander in my paradise to relieve the sorrow and pain but all I have left is the stench through the weeping willow trees.    download (3)

The Long Road by Fallen Engel 2017

dv-spring.jpg  Countless miles of life painted on my stale eyes

Wilderness before us spreads like a sprawling, coiled carpet

The thoroughfare’s been rough and imperfect

So silent the exchanging, agonizing stares

At the end of this odyssey, it loomed on me, you relinquished

our love and I now know you never really cared