Paladin by Fallen Engel March 2018

You are not a knight of the quill that scanned the battle from afar. You never did what you wanted but always did what you should. The meaning of a knight means a boy who comes to age of bearing arms or a servant. Well, you certainly are no boy but you are a servant to all. So gallant and brave you’re not just a knight but a BA857433-9F22-4D56-820C-8EB239F9D3D8White Knight, my savior and rescuing hero. Being a Paladin Warrior  you are a man with a cause and impossible to defeat. Eternally show kindness and love to children and animals of this Earth but woe to the evil of this world. But along this journey you have suffered immensely. You have thrown yourself into the maelstrom of many components and elements. Now I want to collect all the shards of your broken pieces and align them back to their former self. You can kiss all my falling tears and heal my soul. So together we are one and not separate entities who suffer alone.


Garnet Roses Only Cry At Night by Fallen Engel February 2018

pexels-photo-386018Lend me your veins

While devilry reigns

I gave you my silhouette

Along with my utter shame

In alchemy of time

Sullen owls cry out loud

What have you done

My dirty little thing

In my garnet lullabies

I have dreams I can fly

But  no more

So with the roar of my sword

And my eyes at a slit

All are doomed

And at the top of my death list.

Tethered Souls by Fallen Engel February 2018

Your ambiance is devouring my being as an eclipse consumes its unknowing devoid target. How did this slow, all-encompassing vapor get inside and braid our ends together? Was it luck of the draw or loneliness that dealt us this unexpected hand. Who sent this intermediary angel to fix such a plague?  See, it’s not each of us just on our own


but the tethering of desolate lost souls.

The Art of Dying by Fallen Engel ©️2017

In the art of dying I wonder how I can forget the path to my grave. All my life’s dreams blur like dark red blood in swirling water. Many millions of moments have led to this one and final stage. As I wait to disappear my lonely soul fuses with the ever dark realm while I wait for the time to behold itself. I’m seeing the swarm of fluttering black butterflies that signify the beginning of the end. With spheres of emotions the murky water is turning to dusk as I prepare for an eternity of a long cold winter.

I, Matriarch by Fallen Engel ©️2017

Let the falcon return to the matriarch and upon his arrival I shall coddle his sharp talons in my pre bloodied palms. Evil one, carefully choose your wings on this endless, starless night. Feel the heavy disharmony of it all as the iron cage clangs and rattles. Such small amusements of the flesh are to be enjoyed by all. Among a sea of whispered chants, I endure the pleasure of being a nobody because the painter of life pastes us together with weak hydrogen bonding.